Training Instructor & Myotherapist





My name is Sharon and I am a Tricky Paws Instructor and qualified Canine Myotherapist.

My Tricky Paws journey began in 2019 when I took Cleo, my puppy German Shepherd, to Happy Puppy and Advanced Pups.  I enjoyed it so much, I asked Carrie-Anne if I could join her team and now here I am!

I now run regular Happy Puppy and Getting Started classes, as well as run my own puppy and adolescent massage courses.

Along with Cleo, I also live with my older dog, Rocky, and my cat, Purdy.


I started out as a holistic, sports and beauty therapist and later qualified to teach adults. I wrote and taught many of these holistic therapies from Aromatherapy to Sports massage. 

In 2013 I started my dog walking business (then called Pet Treks) and went on a Canine Myotherapy course (Myo means muscle) for which I qualified for in 2016.  I specialise in muscular, joint and postural imbalances in the dog.

My avid interest in myotherapy has led me on to creating courses and workshops for owners who would like to learn more about this wonderful art.