Administrative assistant


Equine Science BSC (Hons)

7 years Project Management 


My name is Ashleigh and I am the Tricky Paws administrative assistant. Most likely the person you will speak to first when you contact us!!

I met Carrie-Anne in 2007 at Hartpury College, where we were both studying animal based undergraduate degrees. We bonded over a shared passion for animal behaviour, welfare and music! Following university Carrie-Anne pursued a career in dog training and I started working in project management. All the while I’ve been an avid fan of Trickypaws and I’ve followed its growth closely.

I joined Trickypaws officially in June 2020 to support all the business administrative functions, I am helping the team to streamline all the back office functions to give them time to focus on our customers and their dogs as they love to do!!


07703 548884

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