Terms & Conditions

When booking a service through Tricky Paws, the Client agrees to the terms and conditions which are outlined below:



Service –

A service is something which Tricky Paws offers to its new and existing clients.  Not all services require a dog to be present.  Services are offered over the telephone, via e-mail or social media messaging, face to face and on visual media such as Skype; details of the individual services Tricky Paws offers can be found at the time of booking and/or on the website and/or requested through contacting Tricky Paws directly.


Group classes –

These can be defined as a set training course which has availability for several participants who book independently of each other.  Group classes include all of the five Pawsitive Academy courses (Happy Puppy, Advanced Pups, Polite Paws, Clever Canines and Top Dog), training clubs and workshops.


Private tuition –

These can be defined as sessions carried out on a one to one basis, to include the Essential Manners course, any consultation (puppy consultation, training consultation or behaviour consultation) and any training/behaviour modification that takes place outside of the group classes detailed above.  A client may or may not have their puppy/dog with them.  Private tuition is usually carried out on a one to one basis and can be booked as set days/times each week or flexible days/times and can be booked as a one off or block booking/s.


Block booking –

A discounted booking of three or more private tuition appointments which are all booked and paid for in advance of the first appointment.


Client –

This is a person or persons (usually the owner and their immediate family) who has/have booked a service with Tricky Paws.  A person/family immediately becomes a client once they are booked in for the service of their choice, whether they have or have not paid for the service and will remain a client of Tricky Paws for a period of time after the service they have booked on to has ended (see privacy policy).



  • All bookings must be made in advance either using the online form/s or by contacting Tricky Paws directly.  Clients who turn up without a confirmed booking or appointment will be given instruction on how to book officially and must do so in order to receive further help and guidance.

  • All bookings will receive written confirmation, usually in the form of an e-mail.  The confirmation will include the date, time and venue of the booking and any other relevant information the client may need specific to that service.  Clients who have not received confirmation of their booking must get in touch with Tricky Paws immediately, failure to do so may result in the requested appointment/booking being given to someone else.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they turn up to their class/appointment on the correct date and at the correct time and place as per the information provided on the written confirmation.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to contact Tricky Paws as soon as possible if they are going to be late or need to cancel/rearrange the booking.  Contact information can be found on the confirmation correspondence.

  • Tricky Paws instructors and behaviourists will let clients know, with text messaging being the preferred format, as soon as possible if they are going to be late to class.  Any lateness will be reimbursed to clients in the form of an extended class if appropriate or with a complimentary Tricky Paws gift (gifts are subject to availability and will vary).

  • It is the client’s responsibility to inform Tricky Paws of any additional help they may require due to a disability.  Tricky Paws aims to be as inclusive as possible with all clients and will make reasonable adjustments if and when necessary to ensure clients with disabilities get the full service they have paid for.

  • Bookings, either group or private, cannot be transferred from the registered puppy/dog to another, for example a client who owns two puppies cannot book one place on the course and bring Puppy A one week and Puppy B the next week, both puppies must be booked on to and attend the course or one attends and the other does not attend at any time.  All new puppies/dogs must be booked in through the official channels.

  • Clients must book on to each individual service they require, for example Client A booked on to and completed Happy Puppy and would like to continue on to Advanced Pups, in order to do this she must complete the Advanced Pups booking form.

  • Each Tricky Paws service will have its own guidelines set out for the safety of everyone involved.  Clients are agreeing to follow the advice given by the service guidelines and any additional advice given by the instructor/behaviourist.  Clients who do not follow the advice may be excluded from the service they are booked on to, on the grounds of safety (for example, failure to muzzle train a reactive dog).

  • All Tricky Paws services are inclusive of all breeds.  Tricky Paws does not have breed bias, so group classes are always a mixture of different breeds, sizes, personalities and skill sets.  Breeds which are banned under section three of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 are welcome to class, as long as they are lawfully exempt and clients carefully follow the restrictions imposed on them.

  • Neutered and entire dogs and bitches are welcome to join Tricky Paws group classes and private tuition.


Group Classes

  • The group will not exceed the ratio of one instructor to eight puppies/dogs.  Groups are kept to a minimum size to ensure everyone gets the most from each class.

  • The courses and classes are all structured with specific exercises being taught at specific times over the duration of the course.  Tricky Paws instructors will follow these structures but will also work with each individual’s abilities and skillsets to ensure they are working at the correct level.

  • There will be some time at the end of each class (5-10 minutes) for clients to speak to their instructor about any problems they are having with their dog.  This allotted time is for all clients and so the instructor will only be able to provide very basic assistance.  Clients who require further help will need to book an appropriate private tuition session through Tricky Paws at an additional cost.

  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will bitches in season be allowed to attend classes.  This is due to a number of factors, namely the welfare of the bitch in question and the disruption it will cause the other dogs in class and the high risk of an accidental mating.

  • For the safety and wellbeing of all students and their dogs, the client agrees to adhere to the course rules which are detailed in the confirmation welcome pack/e-mail.  Failure to do so may result in the instructor asking the client to leave the class/course to prevent anyone being put at risk.

  • Dogs are not permitted to attend group classes for TWO WEEKS post Kennel Cough vaccination due to the dog being infectious.  The Kennel Cough vaccination is not a mandatory requirement for any Tricky Paws services.

  • Tricky Paws endeavours to provide the highest standard of teaching, training and customer care to all of its clients, so instructor attention will be divided as equally as possible amongst the students in class in order to help them achieve their full potential.  If a client requires more attention/help, they will be advised to book additional, private tuition through official means.

  • Human and canine welfare are at the very top of the Tricky Paws priority list and so if the instructor feels that a dog is not coping well in a group class environment, special measures to include visual barriers and space away from the other dogs/people will be provided.  Clients agree to listen and actively engage in what the instructor is advising them to do.  If a dog really struggles in class, the instructor may ask the client and their dog to leave the class; this is a last resort and is for both the dog’s and client’s benefit, as well as the other clients/dogs in class.  A follow up will always be provided in order to arrange a more appropriate and effective service to help the client and their dog on their training journey.


he Pawsitive Academy

  • All Pawsitive Academy courses are six weeks in length and consist of one 60 minute training session per week.  To get the most out of the training experience, clients agree to practice what they have learned in class at home on a daily basis.

  • Clients MUST ATTEND at least four out of six classes in order to graduate from Happy Puppy and/or Advanced Pups, or to receive the attendance certificate for Polite Paws, Clever Canines and/or Top Dog.

  • Clients and dogs who achieve at least 85% in their assessment for Polite Paws, Clever Canines and/or Top Dog, do not get penalised for missing classes.

  • Only dogs who are booked onto the courses are able to attend classes, unless otherwise agreed with the training instructor.

  • All dogs/puppies must remain on their lead and under control at all times, unless instructed otherwise by the instructor.

  • Puppies/dogs are not to greet each other on lead and client-dog teams must work within their own specified training area.  This is to ensure each puppy/dog and client can get the most out of their training class and not be disrupted by other clients/dogs.

  • Tricky Paws makes every effort to ensure the safety of both clients and puppies/dogs during classes. By making a booking the client accepts that participating in an activity with puppies/dogs, children and adults poses a risk of injury to themselves and their puppy/dog, and the client agrees to indemnify Tricky Paws for all personal injury and damage to themselves and/or property owned by the client while attending the training classes. The client also agrees to make any person who accompanies them to the class aware that they are also there at their own risk.

  • Training is conducted both indoors and outdoors and so the client agrees to dress appropriately for the weather and to provide suitable equipment for the breed of their dog.


  Happy Puppy –

  • All puppies must be under the age of 20 weeks at the beginning of the course.

  • All puppies must be fully vaccinated and clients will be required to show proof of this by providing the vaccination certificate at the beginning of the first class.  This is for the safety of your puppy and therefore no exceptions can be granted.  Tricky Paws cannot accept puppies who have only received homeopathic inoculations and not the conventional immunisations.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their puppy is fully vaccinated and to seek help from a registered veterinary surgeon if they are unsure.

  • Children over the age of 4 years old are encouraged to attend these classes as well as other family members.  This is great for puppy socialisation and for children to get involved with their puppy’s training.

  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times.  Children must remain with their parents during the class and must not be disruptive to other puppies and clients.  Any persons who are unduly disruptive may be asked to leave the premises by the instructor.  This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone attending class and to help create a relaxed, stress-free environment.

  • Free play amongst puppies is strictly prohibited within class but occasionally (and it is completely dependent on the personalities within the group) puppies may be allowed short, controlled periods of play with one or two other puppies within the group and under the trained and watchful eye of the instructor.  Things can very quickly go wrong when puppies are allowed to run free with each other and a scared puppy can be mentally scarred for life, potentially resulting in behaviour problems later on.  The instructor will talk to clients about how to socialise puppies well with other dogs and teach clients how to spot good playful interactions as well as bad ones.


  Advanced Pups –

  • All puppies must be fully vaccinated and between five and ten months of age at the beginning of the first class.

  • Puppies who attend Advanced Pups must have graduated from Happy Puppy with their certificate and rosette or pass an assessment to ensure they meet the criteria of the course.

  • Children over the age of 4 years are encouraged to attend, but must be under the close supervision of their parents/guardians at all times.


  Polite Paws, Clever Canines & Top Dog –

  • The group ratio will not exceed one instructor to five dogs.

  • All dogs present must sufficiently complete the assessment appropriate to the course in order to move up to the next level.

  • Well behaved children are permitted in class; however, they will be required to stay with their parents/guardians AT ALL TIMES and will not be allowed to approach the other dogs in class.  Any child or person deemed as disruptive to the class will be asked to leave and there are no exceptions to the rule.  This is to ensure the health and well-being of the other dogs in class and the children/adults present.

  • Dogs are prohibited to approach people who are not directly involved with their training, unless instructed otherwise by the instructor for a specific training exercise.

  • Dogs are prohibited to approach other dogs on or off lead, unless instructed otherwise by the instructor for a specific training exercise.


  Additional Course Assessments & Eligibility –

  • All dog-client teams who do not successfully graduate from the course they attended will be required to take an additional assessment in order to move up to the next course level.

  • All new clients/dogs who wish to join Advanced Pups, Clever Canines or Top Dog, will need to pass an assessment relevant to the course they are interested in.

  • The assessment will be 30 minutes in length and may be carried out on a one to one basis or a group setting; this is at the instructor’s discretion and dependent on the number of clients participating.

  • The criteria will be dependent upon the course selected and is structured to ensure dog-client teams are ready for the anticipated course.  Full assessment details can be found on the website or sent to the client via e-mail.

  • Dog-client teams who pass the assessment will be eligible to join the next available course appropriate to the assessment.

  • Dog-client teams who do not pass the assessment will be provided with information on how to book on to an alternative service to enhance their training skills and abilities.  Dog-client teams can book as many assessments as they wish, there is no limit and no time restrictions.

  • Assessments are at an additional cost and the cost of the assessment is correct at the time of booking.


Pawsitive Academy rosettes, certificates and assessments:-

    • Clients who book onto Happy Puppy and/or Advanced Pups will only be eligible to graduate and receive an official certificate and rosette if they attend at least four out of six classes.  There is no assessment. 

    • There are two types of certificates available for clients who have booked on to Polite Paws, Clever Canines and/or Top Dog, the ‘Attendance’ certificate and the ‘Graduation’ certificate.  Clients are eligible for the Attendance certificate if they attend at least four out of six classes, there is no assessment for this certificate.  The Graduation certificate and rosette can only be obtained by clients if their dog has reached the full criteria outlined in the course assessment.  All clients and dogs will be continually assessed during the course and graded accordingly at the end.  Clients and dogs must score at least 95% overall in order to be eligible for a Graduation certificate and rosette.

    • Clients who wish to book on to Clever Canines must have officially graduated from Polite Paws and clients who wish to book on to Top Dog must have officially graduated from Clever Canines.  Clients who obtain Top Dog Graduation status will receive a special gift from Tricky Paws and be publically recognised and celebrated on the Tricky Paws website and social media (unless the client states otherwise).

    • If a client does not obtain 95% in their overall score, they will not be eligible to officially graduate, but will receive a certificate of Attendance pertaining to the specified course.

    • Clients who did not officially graduate from the course they had attended have the opportunity to enhance their skills and their dog’s training and gain the course graduation certificate and rosette by various means to include booking on to the course again, booking private tuition, joining a Tricky Paws training club which is suitable for their dog’s training level and/or practicing independently and booking an additional assessment.

    • There is no limit to the number of times a client can book onto and attend a Pawsitive Academy course (although there are age restrictions for Happy Puppy and Advanced Pups).

    • Course assessments for Polite Paws, Clever Canines and Top Dog are carried out by the instructor on a continuous basis, over the first five sessions.  Another Tricky Paws assessor will attend the sixth session and will assess each client and dog team in an informal basis.  Details of how the assessments are scored can be found on the individual course descriptions.

    • All clients who attend Polite Paws, Clever Canines and Top Dog will receive a feedback form which indicates the standard at which both the client and their dog are achieving and where training may need to be improved.


Workshops & Other Group Classes

  • Workshops and other one off group classes will have their own set of terms and conditions which the client agrees to.


Private Tuition

  • The length of the private tuition is specified in the client’s booking confirmation, along with the details of the appointment date, time and venue.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to plan their journey and know where the venue is prior to attending private tuition outside of their residence.  Any lateness will not be compensated for by Tricky Paws.

  • Instructors/behaviourists endeavour to arrive at the specified venue and time promptly and be ready to teach on time.

  • Training/behaviour modification can be conducted both indoors and outdoors, the venue of which is at the instructor/behaviourist's discretion.  Clients agree to dress appropriately and have the correct equipment for their dog (for both breed and training purposes).


Puppy Consultation –

    • These consultations are available for clients who are yet to get their puppy and/or have a puppy under 6 months of age.

    • These are one hour in length and may be carried out in the client’s home, at a training venue or the behaviour clinic.

    • Only one Puppy Consultation can be booked, further 1-2-1 help must be booked on a private tuition basis.

    • Clients will be provided with generic information/advice handouts and notes specific to their requirements.

    • Topics which are conducted under a Puppy Consultation include toilet training, crate training, separation training, introduction to basic obedience training, preventing play biting, appropriate handling of puppies and socialisation advice.


Training Consultation –

    • These consultations are suitable for dogs who only require help with their training.  Dogs who require further assistance with their behaviour will be asked to attend a behaviour consultation instead.

    • These are up to two hours in length and consist mainly of discussion with some practical exercises included if appropriate and are carried out either at the clients home or the behaviour clinic.

    • A bespoke training programme, accompanied with additional training information and advice sheets will be provided upon completion of the consultation.

    • Further private training sessions can be booked at the discretion of the client and under the advice of the instructor, at an additional cost.  They are not obligatory.


Behaviour Consultation –

    • These consultations are suitable for dogs who need help with behaviour problems and are only carried out upon veterinary referral.

    • Clients agree to communications between themselves, the referring veterinary surgeon and Tricky Paws, in regards to the dog/s in question.

    • The consultation is up to two hours in length and consists mostly of discussion with some practical exercises if appropriate.  A further 45 minute follow up session is also provided.

    • Behaviour consultations are carried out in the client’s home or at the behaviour clinic, the venue is at the discretion of the behaviourist.

    • Every individual who comes into regular contact with the dog/s should be in attendance for a behaviour consultation.

    • A full written report and bespoke behaviour modification programme, accompanied with additional training information and advice sheets will be provided upon completion of the consultation.  Follow up notes will also be provided after the follow up session.

    • Further private training sessions are booked at the discretion of the client and under the advice of the behaviourist, at an additional cost.  They are not obligatory.

    • Clients have full complimentary telephone and e-mail support for up to three months post consultation.  Further assistance after the three months will be at an additional cost.


Essential Manners Course –

    1. This course consists of three 45 minute practical sessions, usually over three weeks but no longer than seven weeks in length.

    2. Clients will be provided with a generic handout on the exercises covered in the course.

    3. Each session will be tailored to the client and their dog, but will remain within the confines of the course structure.


Private Tuition –

    • These sessions are only available to existing Tricky Paws clients.

    • Each session is 45 minutes in length and will be accompanied by written notes after the session (usually sent via e-mail).

    • The content of these sessions is completely tailored to the client and dog/s involved and are available for both training and behaviour clients.


Equipment Used and Behaviour Conduct

  • Tricky Paws ONLY ENDORSES the use of positive reinforcement (R+) with ‘ignoring’ being the only form of punishment (P-) actively practiced when training dogs and carrying out behaviour modification.

  • Tricky Paws DOES NOT ENDORSE the use of harsh and/or intimidating handling of any puppies/dogs at any time.  Punishment (P+ and R-) and aversive techniques include, but are not limited to, shouting/yelling, yanking, pushing/shoving, hitting/smacking/tapping and any other threatening behaviour.

  • Tricky Paws DOES NOT ENDORSE the use of any equipment which causes harm or undue stress to the puppy/dog.  Equipment which is prohibited in all Tricky Paws group classes and private tuition sessions include choke/check chains, half-choke/check chains, prong/pinch collars, spray bottles, electronic training collars to include E collar/citronella/spray, extendable/flexi leads, slip leads and any other equipment deemed inappropriate by the instructor/behaviourist.

  • Equipment used in classes/training sessions/behaviour modification will always be appropriate and safe for both dog and handler.

  • Tricky Paws has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to threatening/intimidating behaviour.  Threatening and/or intimidating behaviour from a client towards any other person or dog during participation of a Tricky Paws service will result in the client being asked to leave and/or the session ending.

  • If a dog is struggling behaviourally with the service it has been booked on to, Tricky Paws will try to find a suitable alternative; however, this may be at an additional cost to the client.  A client will forfeit their service payment if they signed to say their dog meets the specified requirements, but does not (for example, a client signs to say their dog is friendly towards other dogs and people, when actually their dog is not friendly) – clients who sign falsely will not be entitled to a refund or a complimentary service offered by Tricky Paws.

  • Tricky Paws prides itself in its excellent customer service.  Tricky Paws colleagues will remain professional, impartial and non-judgemental at all times and strive to help each client reach their full potential (appropriate to the service they are on).  Client confidentiality is taken very seriously at Tricky Paws and personal information will not be shared inappropriately or unnecessarily (please see our data protection and privacy policy).


Premises Use

  • Instructors and clients agree to abide by the rules of the training venue and/or the laws and bylaws when working in public areas.  Instructors will make clients aware of the venue housekeeping at the beginning of the first group class and/or the first time clients visit the venue.

  • Clients have full responsibility of their dogs at all times and are responsible for any damage caused by their dog.

  • Instructors will ensure the venue is clean and tidy to minimise health risks to clients and their dogs and clients are responsible for cleaning up after their dog if they urinate/defecate in the venue.

  • When working in a public area, clients understand that other dogs and people may interrupt a training session and that Tricky Paws does not hold responsibility for these interactions and their consequences; clients understand that there is a risk when working in public areas and agree to indemnify Tricky Paws from any interactions with members of the public and their dogs, which are not part of the immediate training exercise/behaviour modification plan.

  • Tricky Paws instructors/behaviourists will help the client disengage with unwanted interactions with members of the general public, but are not responsible for or required to break up fights amongst dogs or take responsibility for any damage caused by the dogs/people.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their dog is insured for third party liability.  Outdoor training is conducted at the client’s own risk.


Fees and Prices

  • For group classes, the service fee must be paid in its entirety within THREE DAYS of completing the booking form or prior to the first class, whichever comes first.  Failure to pay the service fee in full will result in the booking being forfeited and the placement given to someone else.

  • For private tuition, an invoice will be sent to you either before or after your booking has taken place (usually via e-mail).  The invoice must be paid in full within 10 days of the date shown on the invoice.

  • Fees must be paid in a format that is accepted by Tricky Paws, namely BACS, cheque or cash.  Tricky Paws does not endorse sending cash in the post and the client is held entirely responsible if they wish to send cash in the post.  If the cash or cheque goes missing in the post, the client is still required to pay for the service they have booked.

  • The price advertised at the time of booking applies.


Refunds and Cancellations

Group Classes

  • Under no circumstances will refunds or partial refunds be given to clients who have missed classes (this includes, but is not limited to, bitches in season, holidays, sickness or medial emergency).  It may be possible to make up the missed class by attending another group for one session, but this is dependent upon availability and is at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Clients can book private tuition with a Tricky Paws instructor at an additional cost to catch up on the class they missed.

  • Failure to attend a course that a client has booked on to, but not yet paid for, will result in a request for the full payment to be settled, which the client agrees to be liable for when completing the booking form.

  • If a client needs to cancel their place on a course, this must be done AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS prior to the start of the course.  Failure to do so will result in no refund, unless it is possible to fill the client’s space on the course.  It may be possible to join another Tricky Paws course or defer the booking on to the next available course – the exception to this would be Happy Puppy and Advanced Pups as there is an age restriction; the puppy will be put into the correct course for his/her age and ability.

  • If a Tricky Paws instructor needs to cancel a class, the clients booked into that class will be notified AT LEAST 24 HOURS before the class is supposed to begin.  The exception to this is if there is an emergency; clients will be notified as quickly as possible and appropriately compensated.

  • Tricky Paws will do their upmost to supply a temporary instructor or postpone cancelled classes, rather than cancel them altogether, to ensure clients get the full service they have paid for and at minimal inconvenience to the client.  However, if this is not possible, the clients on the cancelled class will be offered a partial refund and/or private tuition; this is at the discretion of the instructor overseeing the class.

  • If clients are unable to attend a postponed class they must notify a Tricky Paws colleague (preferably the course instructor or Carrie-Anne New) WITHIN 24 HOURS of being notified about the ‘add on’ class date.  Failure to do so will result in no refund.

  • Clients who are not able to attend the date/time of the unexpected, postponed class and who have notified Tricky Paws within the 24 hour time frame, will be offered the opportunity to join a different group class to make up for the one missed or a partial refund or the opportunity to have 30 minutes of private tuition.  The offer of these services will be at the discretion of the course instructor and Carrie-Anne New.

  • A client who has been asked to leave the course by the course instructor, for acts of intimidation, violence or similar, either towards their own dog, another dog in class or any persons present in class, will not be given a refund under any circumstances.

  • A client who has been asked to leave a Pawsitive Academy class because the dog is aggressive towards other people and/or dogs, will not receive a refund.

  • A client who has been asked to leave a group class (excluding Pawsitive Academy classes), may be asked to transfer on to a more suitable course for their dog or provided private tuition or given a full or partial refund or not refunded at all, this is at the discretion of the course instructor and Carrie-Anne New.


Private Tuition

  • Under no circumstances are full or partial refunds provided for any service that has been carried out in full.

  • If a client has booked a number of sessions resulting in a block booking discount, no refunds will be given for any missed or cancelled appointments by the client, although appointments will be rearranged if possible.

  • Cancellations made by clients SEVEN DAYS BEFORE their appointment will not incur a late cancellation fee.  A cancellation fee will be requested for clients who cancel their appointment SEVEN DAYS OR LESS prior to the scheduled appointment date.  The cancellation fee is £15 per hour booked and cancellation notice of 48 HOURS OR LESS will require the client to pay the appointment fee in full.

  • If an appointment needs to be cancelled by Tricky Paws, the client will be notified as early as possible to minimised inconvenience.  An alternative appointment will be offered or the appointment fee will be refunded (if the client has already paid), this will be at the discretion of the instructor/behaviourist and Carrie-Anne New.

  • Stand in instructors/behaviourists will be used/offered if possible to avoid appointments being cancelled by the Tricky Paws team.  The client has the right to choose to postpone the appointment in order to see the instructor/behaviourist originally booked with, but refunds shall not be offered if the client decides not to postpone the appointment or work with the alternate instructor/behaviourist.

  • If the client has not received the paperwork which was promised to be provided as part of the service booked in the allotted time given to complete the paperwork (outlined in the service description), the client will be offered a 20% discount on their service fee.

  • If a client has booked an appointment but has not paid and incurs a fee as stated above, the client will receive a request from Tricky Paws for the payment owed, which the client agrees to be liable for.

  • Partial refunds cannot be provided for group classes or private tuition if the class/appointment has been cancelled due to extreme weather.  Alternative classes/appointments may be arranged if available, although this is at the discretion of the instructor/behaviourist and venue availability.


Extreme Weather

  • Tricky Paws instructors/behaviourists will do everything in their power to ensure all clients and their dogs are comfortable during training sessions.  Cooling mats and fans will be provided on warm days and heating will be provided on cold days.  A paddling pool may also be available to dogs on warm days.  Availability of these resources are variable.  Clients and dogs will have access to fresh water at all times, but clients are required to bring their own bowl for their dog.

  • ALL group class sessions and private tuition appointments will be cancelled if the temperature exceeds 21°C.  There are no exceptions.  This is namely due to dogs not coping well in such heat and the very real possibility of heatstroke.  Dogs need to rest in cool places during hot weather.

  • If the assigned instructor/behaviourist is able to attend a class/appointment, clients will also be expected to attend.  If the assigned instructor/behaviourist is unable to attend the class/appointment, a temporary, stand in instructor/behaviourist may take the class/appointment and clients are still expected to attend.

  • Scheduled outdoor classes/appointments may be cancelled/postponed if the weather is particularly stormy or if the area has a weather warning.  Cancellations are made at the discretion of the instructor and the client/s will be informed via text message at least an hour before the class/appointment.

  • For long spells of hot weather, a regular class/appointment will be moved to first thing in the morning or late evening at the same venue, when it is much cooler.  Upon booking, the client will be notified of potential alternative arrangements and agrees to this potential change in class/appointment time.