Puppy Training & Socialisation

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The Puppy Academy

Welcome to the Tricky Paws Puppy Academy, super fun training classes that will not only teach you all of the basics, but will also help you understand your puppy and encourage a lifelong partnership.

Happy Puppy

Putting your best paw forward - a super fun and interactive course that has been specifically designed for young puppies.  Get ahead of the game and learn how to teach your puppy essential manners and prevent unwanted behaviours.

This course is six weeks long and suitable for all fully vaccinated puppies under the age of 20 weeks.  Class size is limited to six puppies.

Advanced Pups

This course builds on the skills you and your puppy have already learnt in the Happy Puppy course, with the introduction of other fun canine activities, such as trick training and scent work.

This course is six weeks long and is suitable for (but not limited to) puppies that have completed Level 1 and are between 6 and 9 months of age.  Class is limited to four puppies.

Puppy Home Visit

Puppies really are fantastic bundles of love and joy, but sometimes problems can occur and that's why I'm here to help!  Puppy home visits are designed to help you and your puppy through the settling in period.  We will cover many topics, to include play biting, crate training, stealing, toilet training, separation problems, chewing, exercise and more!

Location:  Your residence     Length:  One 60 minute session     Cost:  £25.00

To book, please contact Carrie-Anne on 07703 548884

Choosing The Right Puppy For You

Puppies are amazing but they are also a long term commitment (on average dogs live between 10-15 years).  So many dogs end up in rescue centres because they were the wrong breed for their intended family and/or because the new owners did not know what they were getting themselves into, thus it is absolutely imperative that you choose the right breed and puppy for you and your family.  I can help you!  Before you purchase your puppy, especially if you are a first time owner, please contact me for a consultation.  I am able to offer you guidance and support for this extremely important decision.

Location:  Your residence     Length:  One 60 minute visit     Cost:  £25.00

To book, please contact Carrie-Anne on 07703 548884

Please note, full payment for all courses/classes must be paid in advance.  Once booked, refunds cannot be given unless another client is able to take your place.  Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.