Private Tuition

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Private tuition is a fantastic option for many owners as it offers time and subject flexibility.  Some dogs and/or owners are unable to attend group classes for one reason or another, but would still benefit from some high quality training.  With one to one guidance and support, Carrie-Anne can offer you and your dog a personal and fun experience, while focusing on the training aspects which are most important to you.

To book private lessons, please contact Carrie-Anne on 07703 54884 or e-mail

Please note, if your dog has a behaviour problem, you will need to book a behaviour consultation instead.

Training Consultation

Does your dog pull tirelessly when being walked on the lead?  Does your dog refuse to come back to you when you call?  Does your dog constantly jump up at people?  If you need help with specific parts of your dog's training, then I can help!  During the consultation I will begin writing up a full training programme for your dog, as well as go through some practical exercises.  Your tailor-made report will be sent to you electronically and paper copies are available (at a small additional fee).

Location:  Your residence.

Length:  Max. 2 hours

Cost:  £25.00 per hour (to include report writing)

Telephone Consultations

Tricky Paws also offers a telephone consultation service.  Telephone consultations also last between 1-2 hours and are charged at £20 per hour.  Payment must be made in advance of the call.  A full written report will be e-mailed to you post-consultation.  Please note, telephone consultations are not as detailed as a home visit as there is no practical element.

Essential Manners Course

The Tricky Paws Essential Manners course is perfect for any dog, regardless of age, who is lacking in basic manners.  The course consists of walking on a loose lead, leave an object, recall away from small distractions, positions (sit, down and stand), focus on owner, wait/stay, no jumping up and some fun trick training; we will also touch on how to prevent unwanted behaviours.  You will receive a full written handout with this course.

Location:  Your residence and a specified outdoor area.

Length:  Three 45 minute sessions (one session per week)      Cost:  £ 60.00

Classroom Revision

These short sessions are absolutely excellent if you are in need of a little extra help with a topic covered in a Tricky Paws group class.  To be eligible for these sessions, you must be currently enrolled on a Tricky Paws.

Location:   Either the BAY Centre or your residence.      Length:  One 30 minute session    Cost:  £15 per session (group discounts available)


Dogs are amazing but they are also a long term commitment (on average dogs live between 10-15 years).  So many dogs end up in rescue centres because they were the wrong breed/personality for their intended family and/or because the new owners did not know what they were getting themselves into, thus it is vital that you choose the right breed and dog for you, your family and your lifestyle.  I can help you!  Before you purchase your dog, especially if you are a first time owner, please contact me for a consultation.  I am able to offer you guidance and support for this extremely important decision.

Location:  Your residence     Length:  One 60 minute visit     Cost:  £25.00

Please note, full payment for all courses/classes must be paid in advance.  Once booked, refunds cannot be given unless another client is able to take your place.  Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.