Dog Training

    Companion Dog Academy            Private Tuition  

Companion Dog Academy

These three courses are designed to give you all of the information and skills needed to teach your dog to be a well-mannered, content and respectful member of society.  Through interactive and fun classes, your dog will learn all of the obedience essentials, as well as master more difficult exercises, like a distance stay.  Don't worry, it's all good fun and the exercises start off easy!  Suitable for dogs over the age of 10 months (a dog is never too old to learn!); rescues are alsovery welcome!

Polite Paws

The first of three levels, this course has been specifically designed for all dogs and owners who would like a good grounding of basic obedience and essential manners.

Clever Canines

This course builds on what you have learnt in Polite Paws, as well as introduces new exercises to help you strengthen your training skills further.  The emphasis of Clever Canines is on owner control and your dog's self-control.

Top Dog

The highest level in the Companion Dog Academy, this course helps you to teach your dog to be a super dog!  By the end of this course, you should be working fluently as a team andhave complete control over your dog when off lead and at a distance.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is a fantastic option for many owners as it offers time and subject flexibility.  Some dogs and/or owners are unable to attend group classes for one reason or another, but would still benefit from some high quality training.  With one to one guidance and support, Carrie-Anne can offer you and your dog a personal and fun experience, while focusing on the training aspects which are most important to you.

Please note, full payment for all courses/classes must be paid in advance.  Once booked, refunds cannot be given unless another client is able to take your place.  Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions.